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Aurora Arabian Horse Association would like to showcase some of our experts. Maybe we can help? Or maybe you are one of our experts and need to register with us and let us know the ways you can help. For more information on this program, please contact us at or click here.



Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle with the Arabian horse. … It’s all about the horse!

It is a initiative to provide high impact and effective “outreach,” to attract new people to become involved in the Arabian horse community, take riding lessons and join clubs.

  • Providing high impact and effective outreach to attract new people to become involved with the Arabian horse community.
  • Creating and maintaining positive relationships within the Arabian horse community.

Use this informational website to excite
prospective newcomers to the Arabian horse ... it is totally engaging!

This website and the complimentary activities will primarily make use of social media and the internet, to link people with new opportunities to discover the exhilaration of involvement with these amazing animals and to offer them a chance “to play” with Arabian horses.

Will serve all participating clubs, stables, barns, businesses and Arabian horse owners in a positive way by providing new people, potential Arabian horse enthusiasts with a source of information and education, as well as a point of entry.


For more information or to get involved, contact Gary Millar at 780-499-9219 or

Click here.

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Our members would like to share their expertise and love for their horses with newcomers. They want your first-time experience to be pleasurable and friendly and the beginning of a long-term relationship with the Arabian breed.




It's so important as riders grow that they are taught the basics of both riding and caring for their horse by experienced members of the horse community.



We want our new members to have a positive experience by connecting potential owners and novices with more experienced Arabian enthusiasts. Start your new membership out on the right path by meeting with a mentor.



Find out how extremely rewarding and well worth the effort breeding can be. Our experts will share how the research of dam and sire lines can be a compelling, sometimes addictive pastime.




Our trainers want to help those new to the show ring find the guidance, leadership and confidence needed to have a safe and successful experience.



Shipping or hauling a horse? These are people who care about horses and the owners who love them!. Local or long hauls - North American wide.






Seek out the ultimate workshop in Horse-man-ship and "horse whispering". Our experts will tell you how the horses share their highly effective methods of communication, their "natural leadership".




Get those photos that you desire. Whether you are looking for commercial images to showcase your stud services or seeking to make specialized portraits for the family, the goal is the same: to create beautiful images for you to enjoy for years to come.



Transform your "Pride and Joy" into a piece of Art. For more information about custom portraits of your horse.