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Horse enthusiasts of all ages came out to explore the exciting world of Arabian horses at the Aurora Arabian Summer Horse Show. Put on at Amberlea Meadows just outside of Edmonton, the event ran smoothly with over 130 horses and many more exhibitors and spectators. There was Dressage, Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, English, Native Costume and so much more.
A full-day affair for adults and kids, the Aurora Arabian Horse Show is put on every year to showcase the beautiful Arabian horse. With opportunities to tour stables, listen to horse competition experts and get up close with live horses, the event was a great introduction for many into the Arabian horse community. Kids could also participate in many fun, horse-related crafts and activities. At lunch the German Shepherd Club of Edmonton demonstrated the “Schutzhund,” a canine sport often used to test a dog’s aptitude for challenging tasks such as police work, odour detection and search and rescue. Click here for photos

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We also had a chance to share stories from our incredible group of horse enthusiast. Hear what they had to say about their Arabian horse.

Click here for our video.


The YMCA offers a wide range of summer camps to choose from, which allows kids to pursue their own interests and hobbies. Animal Friends (ages 6-9) explores the animal kingdom and features daily encounters with animals. Gary Millar of the Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project and a member of the Aurora Arabian Horse Association joined the Castle Downs YMCA Family Day Camp to show his Arabian Stallion Trifon to the children. It was a fun filled afternoon of learning, crafts and horse petting! See the YMCA Mission in Action story click here.

For some great photos of the summer camp afternoon activities click here. Video of the experience click here.



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Click here for our video.

The ARABIAN HORSE is not just a horse, he is a trusted friend. Few good things happen by accident, and the humanity and sensitivity of the Arabian horse is no exception. Centuries of careful breeding by the Bedouin tribes has produced a maternal and caring breed of horse that today thrives on human companionship and is indeed, the Horse Who Loves You Back.


A big thank you goes out to everyone involved in the making of this short film. For more information or to get involved with the Arabian horse world, visit "NEWCOMERS" page of the website or Discover Arabian Horses at, providing new people, potential Arabian horse enthusiasts with a source of information and education, as well as a point of entry.

~ 'Life Looks Different with an Arabian horse'


We had a wonderful gathering of our early association membership joining in the celebration of this exciting anniversary and 13 members of the Aurora Arabian Horse Youth Association showcased an outstanding parade of disciplines. Thank you to Briar, Alyssa, Kaitlin, Marijke, Megan, Erika, Shaylin, Madelaine, Alana, Kassie, Anna, Arianna, Grace and for sharing their special relationships they have with their horse and their horsenality! Check out the video on YouTube.

Hungry young foal